Tongkat Ali extract is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet with huge potential. Not only does it help you out in the gym, it helps you out in the bedroom making it one of the most popular herbs available. The product has been proven to enhance your libido, build muscle quicker, increase sperm count, increase the whole size of sex organs and torch fat. However with these fantastic claims comes the unwanted false advertising with people selling fake versions of the herb all over the internet to make some fast cash. With that said you will need to be careful purchasing Tongkat Ali online as you don’t want to be scammed. Here is my Tongkat Ali Review from a fair perespective giving you all you need to know about it.

What exactly is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a herb which grows in many of the jungles located around Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. In some countries it is named Pasak Bumi or Tung Saw. Some places even know it as herbal viagra because of it’t impressive sexual enhancements. Tongkat Ali has been used for hundreds of years by natives as an efficient potent aphrodisiac, energy enhancer and health tonic. The herb was often used to treat fevers such as Malaria. With the market so wide in the present day it is available to consumers all around the globe carrying a wide variety of benefits.

Benefits and Uses of Tongkat Ali Extract:

1) Increased testosterone levels: In our bodies there is a hormone named SHGB which binds to our sex hormone. Tongkat Ali increases Leydig production, releases this bind and of course lowers our SHGB levels. This ultimately allows your body to use more of the natural free testosterone. Over the years studies have been conducted to determine how powerful Tongkat Ali actually is. This is due to the large quantity of positive reviews as claims have been made which report that the longer you take the herb, the larger the boost in free testosterone. In 2012 a study on 76 men with hypogonadism was carried out in Malaysia. Before the study began 35% of the participants had abnormally low levels of testosterone. After completing the trial, 90% of the men had ordinary testosterone levels.

2) Increased libido: This is one of the main reasons people love Tongkat Ali. The herb increases the libido significantly and this is the case in animals as well. Tests have been carried out on animals which changed male rats into crazy sexual creatures. A test was also conducted on a 76 year old man who claimed the herb was one of the best things he had ever taken in his life.

3) Increased sperm quality and sperm count: This is of course a very desirable benefit as it makes you much more fertile and combats the side effects from using cell phones and other electrical equipment. Cell phones may lower your sperm count but Tongkat Ali increases it significantly.

4) More powerful ejaculations: A desired benefit of the popular testosterone booster is the fact that it allows you to shoot your ejaculation farther and stronger.

5) Better Sex: Some men have claimed after taking Tongkat Ali they can actually have multiple ejaculations in one session. The sex drive is improved greatly and refractory period is decreased massively. Erections are much harder and provide you with more ‘firing power’.

6) Penis enlargement: This is one of the most exciting benefits of the herb and there have been many reports that it has increased penis and testicle size. This has not yet been proven, however it is a likely benefit as increased stimulation within Leydig cells does trigger penis growth.

7) Fat loss & Muscle gain: Many guys take this magnificent herb to help them out at the gym. This is because with the higher testosterone levels they will be able to burn fat quicker and build larger muscles. Recovery time will also be lowered as the testosterone is increased.


The best way to consume Tongkat Ali is to cycle it with a break period of around 40% of the on-cycle. For example it is recommended you take it for 8 weeks and then take a break of around 3 weeks. By doing this you are stopping your body from building a tolerance for the herb. A tolerance to the herb would decrease it’s power meaning it will have less effect. The daily dosage should be listed on the bottle as it varies between manufacturers. Remember many variations of the extract have different levels of strength.

Which extract to purchase:

There are various forms of the extract, however the capsule form is the best. Stay away from the root powder form as it just doesn’t have the same desired effect. This is because it is not the same thing. You want to purchase Tongkat Ali extract, not powder. It is recommended that you stick to a strength ratio of 1:200 as this is the most powerful.

What to expect:

First you need to remember that everyone is different so don’t expect crazy results after just one week. By week 2 of taking the herb you should expect an increase in sex drive and much better recovery between workouts at the gym. After the third week this is when you start to notice the powerful effects. You will definitely notice better ejaculations, more of a sex drive and a much greater sense of well-being. After the fourth week you should begin to notice the fat burning and muscle toning effects as the high levels of testosterone will be travelling through your blood. Make sure you stay patient with it and you will succeed!

Where to purchase the product:

To buy the best quality of Tongkat Ali straight from Malaysia you will need to invest quite a bit of money as it can be very expensive. Therefore it is recommended you find a reliable supplier online. Make sure you are buying from a company who checks for mercury levels as you don’t want to put yourself in danger. Along with this, on the other hand you don’t want to be purchasing a cheap variant of the product. Make sure you are buying high quality extract from a well known trusted supplier and do not trust a company who claims they have a strength ratio of over 1:200 as it just is not realistic.

Side effects:

Just like any supplement there are precautions which need to be taken. Reported side effects include insomnia, agitation, increased aggression and increased anxiety. Remember that you are increasing your testosterone levels so it is natural for you to increase aggression levels. To help prevent this you should start slow and do not exceed the recommended dosage. Also take note that caffeine may actually enhance any side effects so if you do experience them try to consume low amounts of caffeine.

So with everything said it is fair to conclude that Tongkat Ali is a fantastic herb with many benefits. From my personal experience using it I did notice great improvements in my sex life and also in the gym. My sex drive has increased dramatically and i have been burning fat much quicker. I personally use the supplement in cycles with an 8 week on-cycle. I haven’t noticed any negative side effects, however everyone is different. I hope this Tongkat Ali review has improved your knowledge on the supplement and helped you make your mind up on whether or not you’d like to try it out. From personal experience I have to recommend it highly.