Tongkat Ali (scientific name Eurycoma longifolia) is a plant that is native to the jungles of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Tongkat Ali extract is increasingly being used to treat symptoms of andropause, a condition resulting from the reduction of testosterone and other hormones in men as they advance in years. These symptoms include listlessness and low libido as well as increase in body fat. As a wholly natural remedy, it delivers better results compared to processes such as hormonal replacement therapy, not to mention that it is much cheaper and virtually side effect free. That said, there are some misconceptions about Tongkat Ali which you need to dig into before you take the extract.

Some Common Myths About Tongkat Ali Busted

  1. Plain Tongkat Ali Powder is not Effective

It is perhaps disconcerting to see how much this misconception about the powerful plant has spread and gained purchase on online forums. This myth ignores a very glaring fact: natives of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have been chewing the roots of the Tongkat Ali plant for many millennia and enjoying the health benefits. It is not the form the extract takes that matters, it is whether the product you buy is genuine or not.

  1. Malaysian Tongkat Ali is not as Potent as Indonesian (or vice versa)

This is a ruse used by shadowy online sellers who try to promote their own products and discredit others undeservedly. Some sellers even go as far as claiming that the lead content in one version of the extract is way beyond the safety limits. This is all hogwash as manufacturers, at least the reputable ones, are careful to check against contaminants before releasing their products to the market. While experts agree that the potency of the extract may be slightly affected by factors such as climate, elevation and rainfall in the growing region, there is no evidence that there is a bias affecting Tongkat Ali extract from any of the countries and regions which produce it.

  1. If Tongkat Ali Extract is Mixed with Other Herbs, this will Lower its Effectiveness

This is a claim which flies in the face of one of the most common practices in the formulation of health supplements and medical drugs. Many of the most effective herbal supplements are actually formulated from different compounds and extracts. The best herbalists in the world have the ability to mix different products to effectively address the health needs of their clients. This truth applies equally well for Tongkat Ali as it does for other herbal extracts.

Benefits of Tongkat Ali Extract

There are many health benefits attached to taking supplements containing the Tongkat Ali extract. While some of these are often hyperbolic, there is strong scientific evidence showing that indeed this plant extract has speedy and lasting benefits for male sexuality. These include:

  1. Boosting Testosterone Levels

A study carried out in Malaysia back in 2012 showed that the Tongkat Ali extract boosts testosterone levels exponentially. The study involved 76 adult males, of which only 35% had normal testosterone levels. After only four weeks of taking the extract daily, the men were checked and the test showed that the percentage of the ones with normal levels of testosterone had jumped to well over 90%. Moreover, those with abnormally very low levels of the male hormone also experienced a substantial boost though not enough to reach normal levels. As a matter of fact, the ability of Tongkat extract to boost the level of testosterone is undisputed, the other benefits listed below are usually attached to having high levels of testosterone.

  1. Increased Libido

For many centuries, the natives of Indonesia and Malaysia have been using Tongkat Ali herb as an aphrodisiac and this effectiveness has not diminished even with advance in modern medicine. It is said that in tests carried out on mice, very moderate injections of the extract caused such sexual excitement in male rats that they resulted to licking their own genitalia!

  1. Increased Sperm Count and Quality

Taking Tongkat Ali extract regularly not only boost sexual performance but give your male fertility a well deserved bump. After taking the extract for several months, patients have gone back to their doctors and after laboratory examination, their sperm count in semen and the quality were noticed to have increased substantially. While the extract will by no means cure total infertility in men, it is a great way to boost fertility that was on the wane due to advanced years.