Tongkat Ali, a flowering herb with the scientific name Eurycoma longifolia, is a popular herbal supplement extracted from the root of Tongkat Ali tree usually found in different Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The herb is a proven testosterone booster that also contains immune boosting and anti-viral enhancing compounds. These wide-range of benefits, coupled with its safety record, make the herb a great choice for people looking to boost their testosterone levels naturally. Below are a few benefits of Tongkat Ali.

Testosterone booster

We all know that a good sex experience is priceless. Nonetheless, as we age, the production of hormones required to spike our sex drive becomes weak. Tongkat Ali will give you a boost in testosterone, but fortunately not in the way many testosterone boosters do. Although most testosterone boosters promote the production of testosterone by Leydig cells, Tongkat Ali boosts the amount of Leydig cells while helping the body make use of its natural hormones more effectively.

Increases libido

As well as being an excellent testosterone booster, Tongkat Ali has the ability to boost your libido too. In numerous studies, the herb turned old-lame rats into sex crazed beasts. The major effect observed was a decline in the hesitation-time, signifying increased libido. In one study, the hearb was administered to middle aged mice for ten days. The rats displayed an increased genital sniffing towards female mice. It was also observed that the mice who were not dosed were exploring the cage, while the mice who were dosed were hanging around female rats.

Ergogenic aid

Ergogenic aid is among the most noted effects of Tongkat Ali’s extract. The herb produces this effect by promoting the production of testosterone, a sex hormone which affects the size of the muscle and performance. According to researchers, Tongkat Ali extract, combined with a weight-training program, can cause an increase in body mass and a drop in fat. This endorses the use of Tongkat Ali by sportspersons as an ergogenic aid. The herb is also beneficial to people who suffer from exhaustion and fatigue.

Increases pleasure

It is disappointing to not be able to experience sexual pleasure—and, you have to admit that erection is never enough to give you pleasure. Lab studies suggest that Tongkat Ali improves the flow of blood to the penis enabling it to puff up which increases pleasure during intercourse. A majority of users report an increase in sexual pleasure, which makes intercourse enjoyable. As well as making intercourse more pleasurable, it also increases sexual urge in both men and women.

Increased fertility

Tongkat Ali is a proven infertility supplement. It is particularly renowned for its ability to boost libido, increase testosterone and increase sperm count. With increased testosterone, better sperm, higher libido, and an intense ejaculation, you will certainly have increased chance in fertility. In one study, 75 men who used the herb daily were observed to experience increase in sperm quality. These improvements lasted for a few months after the first study, resulting in 15% of participants reporting pregnancies.

Increase in sperm count

Most of the herb’s effects have to do with reproductive system. One of the effects that scientists have discovered is its ability to increase sperm count and quality by improving spermatogenesis, a process by which sperms are produced in the body. In one study, researchers found that two weeks of Tongkat Ali dose enhanced spermatogenesis and boosted sperm count in mice, even after the rats were administered with a female sex hormone known as estrogen.

Better sexual performance

In addition to its numerous benefits, Tongkat Ali has a considerable effect on sexual performance. The herbs ability to boost sexual performance is linked to its stimulation of testosterone production. Numerous animal studies indicate that Tongkat does indeed increase sexual performance. Because Tongkat Ali is an intense testosterone booster, it boosts performance in an assortment of ways including, dramatic boost in libido, stronger erections, increase in sperm count and more powerful ejaculation.

In regards to safety, the herb has been consumed in Asia for centuries. It is this degree of safety that has ignited interest from a majority of men, as they are pleased by its testosterone boosting compounds, which lead to better sexual performance as well as greater muscle mass.