While testosterone production progressively declines after age 30, other factors further reduce usable testosterone and negatively affect our health. By understanding and treating them, we can reduce our biological age as compared to our chronological age. Usual symptoms of low testosterone include low libido, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, muscle mass loss, depression, pessimism, irritability, fatigue, poor memory, sleep problems and higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, enlargement of the prostate and cancer, osteoporosis and senile dementia.

Does Tongkat Ali increase testosterone? Its long-standing traditional use as an aphrodisiac does not permit a pharmaceutical patenting of its effects on male sexual function. Despite this, Tongkat Ali’s research has shown strong laboratory and clinical evidence of efficacy in the enhancement of free testosterone in older men and safety at normally prescribed doses. Tongkat Ali is indeed Malaysia’s national treasure and a tribute to the ethnobotanical knowledge of its traditional healers.

Laki Coffee can help increase testosterone.

Tongkat Ali is perhaps the simplest and most effective herbal testosterone medicinal plant currently available.

It is unusually suitable for slowing down or reversing the so-called male andropause that occurs in middle age and is beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders looking for a natural supplement without side-effects.

If I Have High Blood Pressure, Can I Still Take Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali will not increase high blood pressure as it has a mild antihypertensive vasodilatory effect. One of the reasons Tongkat Ali is helpful for erectile dysfunction is because it helps the vasodilation of penile circulation as verified in scientific research. This same effect has been studied recently in Malaysia on reducing hypertension. The compound responsible was separated, and the researchers remarked that “this subfraction is expected to develop into an antihypertensive treatment that would be able to maintain or improve erectile function in hypertensive patients.”

How Much Should I Take to Get the Best Results with Tongkat Ali?

The recommended amount of Tongkat Ali increases with age and is also based on the underlying hormonal deficiency. As such, the dose of 65 years of age will have to be increased from that of 35 years of age. Taking this into account, you may be experimenting to find a dose that feels right for you. 

If Tongkat Ali Increases My Testosterone, Would It Make Me Aggressive?

With the question, ‘Does Tongkat Ali increase testosterone?’ also comes another question if the increase in this hormone would make one aggressive. On the contrary, Tongkat Ali actually lessens aggressiveness and promotes a sense of calm and trust. This anxiety-relieving effect was also demonstrated in animal studies in which test rats showed a lessened tendency to fight and performed better (enhanced motor skills) in tests designed to replicate anxiety and stress. Tongkat Ali does not have any testosterone in itself, as it acts only as a precursor to induce the body to supply more of its own testosterone, and this also includes improving the usable or free “good” testosterone within normal physiological parameters. In this way, we are still ourselves, just ourselves on a more virile and energetic day particularly suited to androgen activities such as fitness and sex or bodybuilding.

Conversely, some bodybuilders who inject large doses of synthetic testosterone hormone actually reduce their own body production and may experience extended aggression as well as hair loss, decreased testicular size, acne outbreaks and heart problems, among other issues.

Does Tongkat Ali Have Any Side Effects?

Our Tongkat Ali product, Laki Coffee, taken at the recommended amount, is highly tolerated and free of toxicity. Tongkat Ali has a substantial safety margin and is generally considered safe. A boost in metabolic body heat (thermogenesis) after taking Tongkat Ali may occur, and an increase in water intake is recommended. Tongkat Ali is not contraindicated for people with high blood pressure and diabetes. Our Laki Coffee has been developed to support male hormonal health and antioxidant protection against damage caused by free radicals.