Tongkat Ali is called many names — Ali’s Walking Stick, Malaysia’s Ginseng, and LongJack were the most colorful. And if a plant has some monikers like that, you can be sure that this has something to do with its influence on the male potency.

Tongkat ali has been proven to improve stamina.

Indeed, Tongkat Ali is valued as an aphrodisiac and testosterone enhancer for enhanced sexual health and performance. Plus, this fantastic botanical has several other remarkable uses as well.

Tongkat Ali is a thin tree native to Malaysia, Thailand, lower Myanmar (Burma),  and Indonesia, which could reach 30 feet in height. For centuries, its root has been used as a traditional cure for high blood pressure, fatigue, malaria,  fever, mood, impotence, and loss of sexual desire.

In its countries of source, the plant is found in more than 300 products, including herbal capsules, syrups, soft drinks, and Tongkat Ali coffee. Obviously, people with intimate knowledge of this plant believe that it boasts particularly beneficial qualities for ailments that are not restricted to male sexual health.

Let’s examine these qualities one-by-one, along with the science behind the claims, and discover how Tongkat Ali coffee can help you in the bedroom.

Male Sexual Health 

Some men may see a dip in action as their sexual activity ages. As such, there may be ways to increase power at the top of some men’s health lists. For its part, Tongkat Ali has displayed the capability to boost libido and improve erectile function compared to placebo.

Besides that, in a 12-week study of 26 men, researchers found that the mixture of maca extracts, Panax Ginseng, and Tongkat Ali for erectile performance and improved sexual performance.

Tongkat Ali Boosts Testosterone

As part of the normal life cycle, most men experience a steady decline in their testosterone levels after 30 years. Even though many health factors may influence the sexual drive, a decrease in testosterone is certainly one of the culprits. Tongkat Ali coffee found his way into a five-week pilot study of 25 senior men and women. The results displayed a boost in testosterone levels and muscle strength, measured by hand-grip tests, in both males and females. In another study, 76 men with hypogonadism (impaired testicular function) were examined for four weeks.

Tongkat Ali coffee has been shown to increase testosterone. Important note for any athlete who fears that Tongkat Ali would cause a surge in testosterone levels in urine: a 15-week study has shown the opposite and does not violate the anti-doping policies of the International Olympic Committee.

Male Fertility

When it comes to impotence, men are the primary or contributing cause in 40% of cases. Fertility problems with men most commonly arise from problems in the testicles, either in creating or storing sperm.

To this end, Tongkat Ali coffee showed the potential to promote physical fitness, erectile function, and libido. It also showed improved sperm motility and semen volume in a 12-week study of 109 individuals between 30 and 55 years old.

Improved fertility was also demonstrated in a nine-month study of 75 males with infertility. Tongkat Ali supplements an enhanced volume of semen, sperm concentration, quality, and motility.

Tongkat Ali Could Reduce Anxiety And Stress

In the realm of modern-day illnesses, stress and anxiety have reached a fever pitch in our brains; it seems that people can use all the help they can to overcome these daily problems.

Tongkat Ali was the focus of a four-week study of 63 moderately stressed individuals. The root extract has been shown to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) while also reducing tension, confusion, and anger.

Muscle Strength May See A Boost From Tongkat Ali Coffee

As Tongkat Ali brings free testosterone levels closer to normal, it could help physically active seniors to improve muscle strength. In a five-week pilot study of 25 seniors, Tongkat Ali has increased muscle strength in both men and women. In the meantime, in a five-week study of 14 healthy males, Tongkat Ali increased muscle size and strength.