Finding health benefits on herbal supplements like kopi Tongkat Ali may be tiresome for consumers. Consumers can rely on a few sites, and we aim to change this by sharing information from reliable sources.

In this article, we discuss the potential health benefits of kopi Tongkat Ali compiled from various scientific research studies and clinical trials that will save you time from consuming and evaluating tons of information on the internet.

What Exactly is This Herb?

The popularity of the name ‘Tongkat Ali’ originates from a Malay word that translates to Ali’s crutch/stick. Also known as Malaysian Ginseng, the root is derived from a plant known as Eurycoma Longifolia. This medicinal plant is found mainly in the deep rainforests of South-East Asia (Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Vietnam, and Thailand).

Potential Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Increases the Production of Testosterone

Everybody knows that testosterone is one of the most important hormones in our body that is associated with masculinity, mood, energy, libido, stamina, and general health. It is responsible for so many functions within our body.

As we age, however, testosterone levels drop in both men and women, more so after 35 years with testosterone levels of only 40-50% of youth at 60 years of age. This decreased testosterone levels could be due to various reasons – work stress and lifestyles, such as diet, exercise, and sleep patterns.

Research has shown that elevated testosterone results in a variety of health benefits, improved muscle mass, decreased body fat, increased mental/physical energy, and improved health for both men and women.

Laki Coffee can boost testosterone in men.

Improves Sexual Health & Libido

Increasing numbers of erectile dysfunction (ED) cases worldwide have attracted more scientists to find the next breakthrough in erectile dysfunction treatment and libido improvement. More than 30 million men have been diagnosed with ED in the United States alone, out of 150 million cases worldwide.

There are ways to improve your sexual libido. Restoring your testosterone level is the simplest way to feel the difference. According to medical experts, low testosterone may be one of the causes of low libido.

If you’re a millennial reader, you might be unaware that Tongkat Ali is gaining popularity as the preferred alternative to Viagra. There is a silent but growing trend among consumers who prefer organic remedies without the significant side-effects of Viagra.

Improve Strength, Muscle & Physical Activity

If you are a gym rat or are actively seeking to improve your physical activity or performance by boosting healthy nutrition, you may find that the potential of Tongkat Ali is worth considering.

Tongkat Ali is already a popular blend with other herbs such as Macca, commonly used as a pre-workout drink with moderate to significant results.

Stimulate Weight & Body Fat Loss

Countless “weight loss” claims have been widely used to deceive consumers into believing that herbs can detoxify your body. Almost every product on the market these days promotes accelerated weight loss!

Significant weight loss can be achieved through a combination of planned exercise, proper nutrition, and a healthy dose of supplements at the right time.

Enhancing the Immune System

Our immune system is complex and difficult for scientists to measure. Not many of the research studies that we found show the improvement of the immune system definitively due to the consumption of Tongkat Ali, except for the breakthrough findings in Japan.

A study conducted by Tokyo Medical University and the Institute of Life Sciences in Japan in 2016 analyzes molecular changes in our body cells linked to our immune system.

The result showed that the amount of T-cells, the number of naive T-cells, and CD4 + were increased when 84 human subjects (both middle-aged males and females) consumed 200 mg of Tongkat Ali in 4 weeks.